Discover all the possibilities that will improve your interaction with patients

A modern and innovative application for communication

Use advanced technology for simple and secure communication with patients. Connect with your patients in a modern way and enjoy secure communication with the sDdoktor system.

  • A unique platform for communication

    sDoktor combines all aspects of communication with patients in one place. Whether you're using the phone, texting, emailing, sharing pictures or documents, it all happens within the same secure and reliable platform. This facilitates quick access to all communication channels, simplifies their management and ensures that no important message goes unnoticed.

  • Mobile application for patients

    Our mobile app is available on all popular mobile platforms, including the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery stores. This means that patients can simply download and use the app on their mobile devices for free. This accessibility ensures that patients can quickly and easily get in touch with you, whether they need advice, information or support.

  • A unique portal for doctors

    Our portal for doctors represents a safe and reliable way of communication in everyday activities such as dispensing medicines, counseling, issuing apologies and referrals. It provides complete privacy and security of your communications with patients. Through this portal, you can focus on providing the best care possible, knowing that your communications are secure and reliable.

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Pop-up messages via mobile applications

Send messages, important notifications, key information, reminders for upcoming appointments directly to the screens of your patients' mobile devices.

  • Easy access to all patients

    All patients and their correspondence, messages, pictures and documentation in one place, available with one click of the mouse.

  • Continuous availability for calls and orders

    The system receives patient phone calls and orders continuously, allowing you to process them at a time that suits you best. Regardless of the time, we provide you with uninterrupted support for your practice.

  • Chronologically organized communication

    All communications are carefully archived and systematically organized, facilitating quick and easy access to all relevant information and communication history for each individual patient.

More than 1000+ doctors and healthcare institutions use sDoctor!

The patient communication system is used daily in numerous institutions, health centers, clinics, and hospitals.

CRM - all your patients in one place

In sDoktor, all communication is stored and neatly organized, providing you with quick and easy access to all relevant information and communication history for each individual patient. It is possible in the system:

  • Publishing content:

    Through the S://doktor mobile application, you can publish important notifications, news, articles and other information. You can easily add, change or remove published content to provide updated information to patients.

  • Sending promotional messages

    The system allows you to easily send promotional messages to all your patients. This functionality is effective for announcing new events, promoting new services or special offers.

  • Merger of several medical institutions

    The platform enables large groups consisting of several healthcare institutions to use a single mobile application. This means that patients, by downloading the application, automatically gain access to all healthcare institutions within that group.

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S//doctor mobile application for comprehensive healthcare!

An innovation that simplifies your practice's workflow and enhances care for your patients.


Personalized experience

The mobile application stands out in the market due to its ability to provide personalized experiences to patients. The app allows users to customize their settings, select preferred doctors, and access medical information relevant to their specific needs. The sDoctor app is dedicated to providing a unique and individualized approach to healthcare


Integrated health records

One of the key advantages of the application, besides faster medication availability, is its ability to integrate patients' test results and health records. Using secure and encrypted systems, the application enables access to patient history, diagnostic results, medications, and other relevant information. This allows doctors to make better-informed decisions and provide patients with more precise and efficient care.


Real-time communication and consultations

The application enables doctors and patients to communicate and consult in real time, without the need for a physical visit to the clinic. This feature is particularly useful for patients living remotely from medical facilities, for seemingly minor situations for which they wouldn't visit a doctor. The sDoctor application provides a reliable platform for fast and secure information exchange and necessary consultations.


Advanced technology and communication

The application stands out in the market by providing patients with the unique ability to call their doctor within the app, send them messages with test results, and request consultations. This integrated communication feature allows patients to have direct and quick interaction with their doctors, without the need to use multiple different apps or platforms. The sDoctor application facilitates communication and collaboration between patients and medical staff, making it an indispensable tool in healthcare.

Unparalleled advantage

Mobile application for your patients!

An intuitive mobile application with many functionalities facilitates communication with patients by providing you with a reliable platform for modern medical practice!

Available for free download for Android, Apple, and Huawei devices.:

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